Monday, October 24, 2011

George Harrison

I have had the pleasure of meeting George Harrison a number of times and the hours spent with him are a treasure for me. How this transpired was through a friend who we had known for some time.  Years before George crossed over, she revealed to us that she used to be married to a famous musician and that they were good friends with the Beatles.  She never said any more than that to us and so when George died, we got a phone call from our friend inviting us over to her place to share a glass of wine and see if George would come and speak with her.
Wow!  That's a tall order, I said to her as we spoke on the phone.  But we agreed to try.  Somewhat nervous, because I really didn't know how well our friend knew George.  We sat down with a glass of wine and much to my surprise George arrived.
As a medium, one never knows what is going to transpire or what will be said, but as our get together with George progressed I was surprised at how close these two were.  It became very clear to me how much they loved each other.  He spoke to her of such personal things that they had shared and done together, that I was left in no doubt that this was a very special relationship.  So close were they, in fact, that she told Marti and me that if she and George were not already married to other people at the time they more than likely would have married each other.
One of the things that George brought up in the conversation was a trip he had made after receiving a phone call.  He then got in his car and drove almost nonstop from England to Spain to see our friend and her husband.  He mentioned a car called a Mini, so I assumed he drove in that car to Spain. Our friend knew what he was talking about.  Here's what she said:
"We owned a villa in Portugal and were staying there.  I had not seen George for a while so I called him and left him a message on his answer machine, telling him we were in the villa in Portugal and we missed him and would love to see him soon.  We didn't hear back from him, but a few days later we heard music coming from the garden.  We went outside to investigate and there was George standing in his shorts and tee shirt serenading us with his guitar."
Later, when I asked her about some things to get clarity for my writing, she told me the mini was hers and that it was parked outside their villa.
Another detail that George brought up was when he sang and danced naked.  I was a bit bemused by this statement, but our friend started laughing.
"Oh, I know what he's talking about," she said, and told us that when he was at the villa one evening, as she and her husband were watching TV,  George suddenly jumped out in front of them stark naked dancing and playing his guitar! "George was swinging away; he was a big boy you know!"
"How did your husband react?" I asked.
She responded, "It was very funny!  I looked at my husband and he was laughing so hard there were tears streaming down his face."
We did a total of four sessions with our friend and the last one was some time after the previous ones.   I called her one day just to say hello and she told me she was very depressed and feeling suicidal.  I didn't know what to say to her, so I told her to come over and maybe George would come and talk to her.  Our friend took me up on the offer and came over that evening.  I fetched a bottle of wine and we chatted for a while.  I remember George appeared, said a loving hello to her and held up a small yellow flower.
"Tell her about the buttercup," he said.
A big smile came over our friend's face. "Yes, I remember!  The first time I met George I was with friends and we were sitting on the grass outside someone's house. (Not sure which house might have been George's). We had not spoken to each other yet.  I was looking down at the grass and saw some buttercups, so I picked one, leaned across and gave it to George."
The rest of the evening with George was very sweet.  I told my friend how much I liked being with him and she told me afterwards that George would have liked me and that we would have got on well.
I recall almost nothing, (mainly because I had too much wine), but she told me that it was the best, most loving session of them all.
On another occasion, unrelated to our friend, George made an appearance in the middle of one of our group sessions.  He said a woman's name to me.  When I realized it was George, I then asked the audience if anyone present knew George Harrison.  There were about forty people in the room and one lady spoke up and said she was best friends with George's sister and the name I had just spoken was hers.  I told her that George was reaching out to his sister and to tell her he wanted her to know that.  The lady in the audience then told everyone that his sister attends a lot of events all over the country connected to her brother in an attempt to stay connected to him, as she missed him so much.  One of the portraits drawn that evening by Marti was of a female. I showed it to the audience and stated her name.  The lady who knew George's sister reacted emotionally, stating that the portrait was of her deceased friend who had actually introduced her to his sister.
By the way, our friend who knew George Harrison was a friend to Elvis Presley as well, who also said a quick hello to her.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Rudolf Valentino

I have for some time admired the work of a famous English medium by the name of Leslie Flint who was a direct voice medium.  What that means is that the spirit people would draw out of Leslie's body the substance known as ectoplasm and form it into a replica of a human larynx or voice box.  Then, in a completely dark room, with Leslie fully awake, the voices of deceased loved ones and friends, as well as famous individuals, would speak in their own voice somewhere in the air above and hold a conversation with the sitters present with Leslie.Leslie was a fan of Rudolf Valentino as a young man, and after Rudolf died, became one of Leslie's spirit guides 
After I read the life story of Leslie Flint, I asked Marti, my wife, to see if she could purchase a hardback copy of his book.  Marti looked online and they were fairly pricey until she found a signed copy on an online auction priced quite low, which she bid on with the highest maximum we could afford.  Amazingly, ours was the only bid and we got it really cheap.
A few days later I received the book, entitled "Voices in the Dark" and inside it was signed, "To Michael, with all good wishes, affectionately, Leslie"!
So, this sets the stage, as it were, for my meeting with Rudolf.  Marti and I were giving a group demonstration at a venue we had been to several times before, but this particular night a lot more people were showing up than normal and we almost ran out of chairs.  I asked the spirit people what was going on?  They told me that someone famous would make an appearance.  I told this to the audience and the evening began.  A guy named Rudy said hello to a woman in the crowd and she fairly beamed.  I don't recall what was said, and never found out by the end of the evening who the famous individual was.
A short while later a young woman came to our home for a private session.  In her session an individual identifying himself as Rudy said hello to her and that he was a boyfriend.  If I recall, he spoke to her of things they had done together while he was on earth. 
As this was transpiring Marti was busy drawing and had sketched a Valentine Day's card, but because it was close to Valentine's day she erased it thinking it too obvious to be used as evidence of any sort.  But immediately her invisible helpers made her draw it again.  Suddenly, Marti became aware of who this Rudy was I was speaking with.
"This is Rudolf Valentino Michael is speaking to, isn't it!"  Marti blurted out.  "This is a past life connection isn't it?"
"Yes," said the young lady.
"Huh? What?"  I think that's what came out of my mouth!
It had completely slipped my mind to ask Rudy when he had crossed over!
I was somewhat taken aback that this was happening, and being very keen on evidence, I was inside a little uncomfortable.  This, it turned out, was the same lady that had attended the group and had gotten the hello from Rudy.  But I had completely forgotten that.
I then asked Rudy if he was indeed Valentino and he said he was.
The lady already had a lot of interesting coincidences and unusual things happen to her in connection with Rudy.  She told me that this meeting was her Christmas present to herself in the hope of validating what she had always suspected; that she had indeed been a former girlfriend of Rudolf Valentino.  She even went so far as standing in front of the grave of her former self!  She sent me a picture later of who she was in her former life.
Sometime later, we had a group at a famous Hollywood location and I didn't know why, but I asked the woman who knew Rudy if she would like to come as a guest.  At the end of the evening we chatted.  She told me that the date was special, as it was Rudy's birthday.  She had won a pair of earrings at the event in the small raffle and so we understood that to be a gift from Rudy.  She also revealed to me that her grandfather had actually designed the exterior of the building with the numerous large art deco statues.
I believe her connection with Rudolf Valentino is true, by the way it happened.  Even though some things are very hard to prove evidence-wise, the weight of strange coincidences gives credence to her connection.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Albert Einstein

When I first met Albert, he appeared to me in a young man's session.  But, before I knew who I was speaking with, I saw him as an older man, smoking his pipe, and I thought he was a grandfather to the client.  I knew the man I was seeing was German, but my client didn't know who this man was, so I asked him his name.  "Albert," he replied.  "Oh, I think I know who that is!" exclaimed the client.
"OK" I responded.
I then asked Albert how he was related to this fellow.
"I'm not" he said.
"Then are you a friend?"  I asked.
"No, not exactly," Albert replied.
Somewhat puzzled, I looked at the young man, and said:  "This makes no sense to me, but you know who this is?"
"Well, he's kinda famous," was his response.
"Who are you?" I directed at Albert.
"I am Albert Einstein!"
You can imagine my reaction!
"What?" I blurted out, somewhat amazed.
"Wait a minute," I said to the young man, "You don't know Albert Einstein, and have never met him!"
"That's right," he replied.
I shook my head, not knowing what to make of this unusual encounter.
I looked straight at the spirit and spoke to him in my mind.  "OK. You look like Albert, and I believe you, but why are you here?  You have no connection to this guy."
"This young man asked me to come to his session and answer some questions and I would be delighted to do so!"
"Seriously?!! You asked Albert to come here today and talk with you?"  I could hardly believe it!
"That's right," said the client.  "My girlfriend even asked me before I came here who I was hoping to communicate with and I told her I wanted to meet Albert Einstein."
With that, Albert posed each of the questions the young man had and answered each one.  At the end of the session, when Albert had gone, the client told me he had answered all of his questions.
This was not the last time I spoke with Albert, but that's another story!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Tribute to Bill

Yesterday I was led to the art of Joe Jones online and was admiring his aviation art.  This reminded me of the many connections I have had with airmen such as a Tuskegee pilot who recently showed up in a group and many other’s I have had the pleasure of speaking with.  I have always loved heroic people and as a child was an artist, drawing and painting many pictures of WWII planes and spent a lot of time building model planes.  I was also very much inspired by the heroics and self sacrifice of pilots in the comic magazines about wartime.  And then, I thought about my friend, Bill.

So, here’s to you, Bill!

I met Bill and his wife Joan as clients and we became fast friends.  Bill was an older British gent and Joan was Canadian.  They had lived in Canada for many years and eventually moved to the U.S., where they lived in Southern California.  

As a young man, Bill was apprenticed as a Rolls Royce engineer and as I loved auto mechanics, we spent hours talking cars.  I would also get Bill talking about his past, story after story. 

 His father was an inventor and helped develop television and actually installed the first television in Buckingham Palace.   Bill got to play in the royal playroom with the future Queen of England, Elizabeth.  He told me that after the war he was on parade and Princess Elizabeth passed by him in the line.  She recognized him as her childhood playmate and she paused in her inspection to chat with him.  His commanding officer seemed perturbed and asked her highness if everything was all right, to which she told him to send Bill out of the parade line up so she could talk privately with him.  You can imagine his officer’s face!
 Before the war, Bill lived with his parents at a house that backed onto a small airfield.  One day, he was playing on the far side of the field where he spotted a biplane, all in pieces, on a trailer.  He was told by the owner that he was going to junk it, so Bill asked if he could have it and the man agreed.  With the help of his father, he rebuilt the plane and he learned to fly it.  By the time war broke out, he had over 400 hours of flying time and could perform every stunt possible in it.  

Bill had to lie about his age to enlist in the Royal Air Force since he was only 17 at the time and he wasn’t a big guy at that.   On one assignment, he promptly flew onto the base in his own little biplane in civilian clothing.  Needless to say, this did not impress the Commander of the base and Bill was summoned to his office, where he was given a good talking to in the presence of another ranking officer.  When there was a pause in the rampage, Bill opened his flying jacket and exposed his uniform underneath.  To the horror of the officers, Bill out ranked them both and swiftly stood at attention and saluted him.  “You should have seen their faces, Mike!” he told me.  He also said he was in charge of about three thousand men, mostly mechanics, and trained spitfire pilots.  He advanced so fast because of his training at Rolls Royce and his extreme skill as a pilot.   

“Sometimes they would get shot down and they would be afraid to fly.  To get one man past his fear, I had him follow me in my plane as I flew straight through the supports of an aqueduct.  He panicked and flew over the top.  So, after a pep talk, I made him follow me again and I flew under a seaside pier through the pilings.  This time he did it and passed the test and gained the confidence to continue flying.”  I suspect that Bill saved many pilot’s lives though his expert training.

I once asked Bill if he had ever met Douglas Bader, the famous English air ace.  “Yes, he once flew into the base where I was, just to meet ‘the fellow he’d heard so much about’!”   

After the war, he met Joan, moved to Canada and got into semi-professional race car driving, driving a Shelby.  He once met the creator of the Shelby, who happened to be at a race where Bill won.  Impressed with Bill’s driving, he asked if he would be interested in driving for him professionally.  Bill declined for reasons that I don’t remember. 

Bill was in his late seventies when we met him and we only had the privilege of knowing him for a few years before he got seriously ill and ended up in the hospital.  His health had been failing for awhile, but he was such a stalwart (and stubborn) guy, he just pushed himself until it was finally too much.  When Marti and I went to the hospital he looked so frail and thin, but his spirit was strong and he could only think about going home and working on the new lathe he had ordered.  Sadly, I knew that would be the last time I would see Bill on the physical plane.  We gave him some healing and I told him I would see him again soon and then left.

Days went by and all the time I waited for a call from Bill’s wife, Joan to let us know that Bill had crossed.  Three days – nothing.  I would ask my “friends” on the other side if he had crossed and continually got the answer – “No”.  I was surprised at how long he lingered.  (I did say he was stubborn, didn’t I?)  Almost a week went by when Bill appeared in our living room in front of the TV I was watching, smiling from ear to ear.

“Hi, Bill!” I said in my mind.  

“Just arrived Mike, Call Joan and tell her I’m ok, will you?”  he replied.

“Sure will, mate” and then he was gone.

I immediately picked up the phone and dialed Joan at home.  I got her message machine and left a message telling her that I had just gotten a visit from Bill and that he’s fine and he loves you.  Then I put in a call for his daughter and left a similar message and carried on watching TV.  The phone rang about five minutes later.  It was Joan telling me that Bill died just ten minutes ago.  I thought at first she was responding to my phone message, but she said she hadn’t gotten the message as she was at the hospital still.

People ask all the time if there is a waiting period between the time a person passes to when they can communicate and this truly illustrates that there isn’t.