Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A father never known

We had a very interesting session one time with a lady at a Mind, Body, Spirit Expo. The father of the lady showed up to speak to her.  I conveyed to her how he had died but she told me she didn't know if her father was alive or not.  I described her father to her and also asked her father what his name was and he said it was James, to which the woman shrugged her shoulders and said she didn't know.

"I don't understand," I said to her.  "Are you telling me you know nothing about your father at all?"

"Yes, that's right," she told me.

"Oh, brother!" I exclaimed.  "I don't know how I'm going to prove this to you.  Are you sure you know absolutely nothing at all about him?"

"No, I don't.  In fact, until I was 15, I thought my mother was my sister."

This lady was over 50 years old and told us that to this day no one in her family would tell her anything about her father.  It was as though he didn't exist.  A non-entity.

I found out from her father a lot of details about her life.  He obviously had followed her life during his life and after his death.

When the session coming to an end, Marti handed me the portrait she had drawn.  I recognized it immediately to be that of her father.

"This is your father, James", I told her.

She thanked us for the session and went on her way.

About a week later, the lady contacted us and told us that out of the blue she received some mail unexpectedly from a great aunt.  It was a large brown envelope.  When she opened it, contained inside were some papers and one photograph of her father.  On the back of which was written the name James.  The photo was a perfect match to Marti's drawing.