Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A recent visit from Albert Einstein

A husband and wife came for a private session recently and as we were about to start, Albert Einstein appeared to me, saying he wanted to talk. I wasn't going to say anything to my clients at first, but Albert said they might find the connection interesting. I told them he was in the room and the husband told me that was interesting because he works in the patent office and has done for many years. That is where Albert worked whilst forming his theory of relativity.  We proceeded with the session and the husband's two great grandmothers on either side of his family came in to speak to him and his wife about where in Germany they were from. I got out my "Times Atlas of the World", a very large book, and just opened it up at random.  It opened at southern Germany.  I was able to locate the approximate location of the town from where one of the grandmother's, who identified herself as Margaret, came from. The wife sitting with us, who was trying to trace the family history, believed I was off with the name and thought her name was Magdalena. I ended up pointing to a tiny town where I thought this great grandmother was from.
Speaking with the lady a few days after our meeting, it transpired that she had hit a wall in the family tree with name Magdalena so she tried the name Margarita.  Voila!  She discovered that the name was correct.  It led her further back into her family history.  Curiously, the small town where Margarita hailed from was about 15 miles from where Albert Einstein's family was from!