Saturday, December 5, 2015

A Medium, a Nun and a Priest

Interesting how people come to us. The other day a lady named Claire told us how she came to us. She is a Catholic and helps out at her church, she told us that another lady who also attends that church, had been to see us and was talking about her session with another woman and told her that a teenager girl had spoken to her and told her that she had died in a car which had rolled over with 4 people in it. The girl also told her that she is connected to her mother with a name that began with Cl. Well there happened to be a Nun nearby, who overheard the conversation. The Nun immediately went over to the lady telling the story and informed her that Claire who worked at the church, had lost her daughter that way. So Claire was given that information. Claire told us that she had had many visits from her daughter in dreams but also wanted to come and see us, but she first spoke to her very Irish priest, to see what his thoughts were about it. They talked for a while and finally he said "I think you should go see the mediums"!

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