Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A foot in the door.

I find it quite hard to bring to a close spirit communication, as I am fully aware of the needs of our audience.  I try too keep to a certain length of time and usually our spirit friends keep to that.  There are however exceptions and sometimes there is just one more spirit that wants to speak before we end.  This letter from Deborah is one instance.

  First of all I need to let you know that, about 3 days after my son died my daughter and I where shown in a dream that a red 4 door car was chasing my son down Old Hwy.80 near Buckman Spring Road.  I had called her the morning after I woke up and she had told me she had the same dream, almost identical to mine.  We wondered about it and we both agreed that Andrew my son was trying to let us know what happened. >>>>>>>>>>My Daughter and I had always wanted to see if we could hear from Andrew.  A friend had told me of Michael Perry who was a Medium.  He and his wife where going to be in El Cajon.  We jump at the chance to talk to my son. >>>> When we arrived, we were very hopeful and excited that we might hear from our beloved Andrew.  There were about 40 people there, but our hopes were very high.   I went looking at the jewelry and found earrings that were Sea horses.  My Andrew would carve Sea horses out of sand stone and chain saw.  To this day I am not sure why.  But I did buy these earrings. >>>>>>>>> Michael started.  There was a young lady that had just lost her son within 2 weeks of our readings.  He did die an almost same way my son died.  Things kept on coming up and we were sure Andrew was trying to come through.  Marti had been drawing and Michael would ask if anyone knew this person?  
Time went on and on.    Over two hours had past and nothing.  Michael was getting very tired.  
Then he said, “If I don't connect for these people they will go home very sad."  
He walked over to my daughter and me and said, "Your son has past?"  
I nodded yes.
He started pulling on his ears and asked, “did he wear earrings?"  I said no.
He said, "Then why am I bothered with my ears?"
He went on.  He was in a car wreck.  A man named Joe helped him out of the truck.  He was alone in the truck right?  
I nodded, yes.  
Do you know a man named Joe?  
Then Michael said “He was being chased by a RED CAR!”  
My daughter and I about fell on the floor!! 
You walked on the beach last week?  
I said, yes.  
Your son was with you.  He resting place isn't far from where you live?  
I said, yes.  
You also have a monument near you house?  
And I said, yes.  My daughter looked at me and said NO.  I said yes the carvings of the Sea hoses out front.  
Michael said "you mean like the ones in your ears!"  
We laughed.  Andrew had told Michael that if we returned he would be there again for us.  What a night, one we will never forget!  I had to hug the lady that had just lost her son.  When we left there, we had decided to have a one on one with Michael and Marti.  Michael is so on the spot!  I love him so for making me and my son’s sister so happy that night.  We did return.  My oldest Daughter Sunny, Chelsie my youngest daughter that came with me this time reserved a date and a night with the remarkable duo.>>>>>>  Marti and Michael next story will be this coming week.  I don't have a computer at home.  So I have to wait until I get to my daughters to write.  I will go home and do my best to get that cassette out and rewind it to listen again.  Michael said John Wayne had been there all day long. 

Thank you.   Deborah

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  1. It's an amazing gift that you give to others. Your stories just make me smile because I too had a wonderful reading! Thank you Michael