Wednesday, November 21, 2012

American Civil War

Civil war Great Great Uncle

A few weeks ago when engaged in a large group session, a man on the other side told me he had been blown up in a war.  I also felt his leg had been badly injured in a previous engagement.  He told me that the person he was trying to reach was sitting in the back row of the audience.  He conveyed some more information and eventually a lady spoke up, asking if he could have been in the American civil war.  I queried the man and he affirmed that he was.  He then told the lady that he was a sergeant in the union army and that he had played the bugle. 
I wondered in my mind where and when he had died, he responded to my thoughts, telling her that he had been killed just before the war ended, in one of the last big engagements of the war, after having made it through most of the war.  He said he was blown up whilst running across the battle field.
The lady affirmed that everything he had said was correct and afterward showed me a Diamond ring she was wearing. 
The diamond was taken from the tiepin of her great great grandfather who was the brother of the man speaking to her.  She informed me that she had been a skeptic before she sat down but wasn't any more.

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