Friday, November 23, 2012

A Visit from a 911 Fireman

A Visit from a 911 Fireman

The trip to New York this week was my first visit.  While there I decided to pass on a message from a fireman who had come to me in a dream.  The fireman told me his name, the ladder he was with and that he was married, I also thought they had two kids.
On the way to the fire house, I was on the subway train sitting next to a woman who was with her mother and uncle.  We were talking and I asked her if her father had passed away.
“Yes he had.” she said.
“Did he die of a heart attack?”  I asked.
“Yes he did.”  She replied.
Then I heard the name Frank in my mind. I said nothing even though they were Italian, because I knew that it was not her father’s name.
So we eventually got to the fire house.  There were three firemen sitting around and I asked them if any of them had known the fireman I was interested in.  The one I was talking with didn’t know him personally.
Then the fireman says.  “There is one guy here that knew him, Frank.”
So he goes off and fetches Frank.  I asked frank over away from the others and told him my story about how the fireman had visited me after 911. Frank listened and then told me that there were two guys by the name I said, from their fire house that died in 911. He took Marti and me upstairs and showed me their pictures.  Then he told me that only one of them was married and had kids. I had only found a memorial to one guy so I had assumed it must be him. Then Frank told me that the married guys wife gave birth to son two days after 911 and I realized the fireman must have been trying to tell me about his son born two days later, not that he had two kids.
Frank was very open to all that I told him and promised that he would convey to the wife what I had said.  Frank then told me one of his experiences several months after 911 when his crew was caught in an explosion in a building hurling everyone about.  He heard the voice of his fire captain who had died in 911 telling him to dig out his crewmate from under the debris and an invisible hand on his back pushing him over to the spot where he was buried.

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  1. Although this occurred over two years ago, I hope that the fireman's wife took some comfort from what you shared, and that it will give her peace of mind that her husband is not gone forever. I have no doubt that experiences like this are why God put you (and Marti) on this aid others when they need it.